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We are a full service PCB Fabrication, Design, and Assembly Service company that has been active for the past 30 years. We have offices in India as well as in USA. We provide high quality service to small as well as large electronic and computer companies all over the world. A cost effective service for product development efforts is being supported by details of our Design and Manual Routing Service. A rare aptitude and ability to educate and learn after formal education has been stopped are our real inherent strengths coupled with a desire to upgrade. Service, Quality, CAD Compatibility, Experience and a Short turn around time will be the essence of our participation with your Product Development Team. We Support and Partner with Clients to work as a Off site Design Team and provide them with a Dependable PCB Design Source. You can visit http://www.customcircuitboards.com/ to learn more about or PCB manufacturing services.

e-mail: pix@pixelectronix.com

Also, please feel free to visit https://www.customcircuitboards.com/pcb-quote to submit your PCB information online to us for fabrication.

PCB Designs

We offer professional PCB design in solving electronic product design, manufacture and test problems. It is important to find critical technical expertise and resources to help assure success during all phases of the product development cycle.

PCB Designs

We provide you with a team of talented PCB designers, software and hardware professionals who have project experience on a wide range of development environments and technology. Look for services that provide different phases and life cycle of project namely, design, development, implementation, testing, porting, migration, upgrade and rewrite. Our firm is involved in software and hardware development at the most intricate levels like real-time embedded system software, firmware, device drivers and also many user level application layer development.

Professional Engineering Resource

Our PCB Design Services are capable of supporting every element of the product development cycle including:

Our PCB Design group is built with a significant amount of technical expertise. Focusing on the client needs by combining a high degree of creativity and functional know-how with a strong business perspective. Wherever possible application of proven techniques and technology should be used. Look for the opportunity to develop innovative solutions for unique applications.

We meet the challenge of striving to deliver a design that minimizes development time and manufacturing cost so that maximum market returns can be generated as soon as possible.

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