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Schematic Drawings:

We can generate formal Orcad or PADS Logic schematic drawings from engineering hand sketches and spec sheets, or email us your preliminary CAD schematic drawings and we can finish them quickly, generate a netlist and BOM and email them back to you for checking. If you don't have a schematic CAD package and we design your schematics, we will give you a netlist, BOM and Adobe Acrobat .PDF files of the schematic for you to view on your own PC, print and check. We will need your engineering approval of the schematic and netlist before the PCB design process begins.

PCB Design:

To most companies, but not all, board size, layer stack-up, component type, placement and routing is extremely critical. All the current surface mount technology (SMT) design and fabrication techniques available today can be utilized. Dataline is heavily experienced in high-density PCB component placement optimization of very fine to ultra fine pin pitched parts. Complex manual routing and auto-routing techniques. Mother-daughter board stacking utilizing both rigid and flex circuit interconnection. Fine-line traces/spaces, mini-vias, imbedded vias, shielded fast clock routes, fixed matched pairs, complex analog/digital multi-split VCC/GND planes, .040 dia, .100 spaced IC test point placement. After compiling your supplied netlist we pre-set the layout design rules before routing or placement of components begin. Design Rules Checking ( DRC) continually checks for both continuity and artwork opens and shorts. We can create complex, custom board outlines with many curves, slots, cut outs and angles. We can import directly into our PADS CAD system your mechanical .DXF file, to show fixed component locations, height restrictions, route/component keep-outs, tooling and board outline, Etc. Meticulous attention is given to all aspects of the design, including the often neglected silkscreen, soldermask and solderpaste stencil. To simplify locating components during prototype de-bugging, we can re-sequence the component labels on the silkscreen. A back annotation file is supplied here to automatically back-annotate your CAD schematic.

Engineering Change Order ( ECO):

Not as difficult as you may think. Archive back-ups of all PCB revs are maintained here with a copy supplied for your office. ECO changes can be made at any time during the PCB design layout process. Unscheduled, complicated, mid-design changes will affect both pricing and delivery differences. In most cases the design change procedure is begun by simply submitting a PADS ECO file extracted from PADS Logic or ViewLogic Systems, which will be compiled against a copy of the PCB design requiring changes. We have 24 Hr. email and internet access
Another method for making changes is to submit a new revised netlist, such as Orcad Logic. This will be compiled, in PADS, against the old PCB design. Using the automated ECO file generation utility in PADS which creates the always necessary ECO file. These are the primary, unfailing routines for making electrical changes to your PCB design. It assures that the ongoing PCB design is at all times 100% compatible and in-sync with the engineering CAD schematic. A differences report between the old PCB design and the new netlist is provided. However, being very flexible, we can make last minute, time-saving "on-the-fly" additions or deletions of components and connections to the design. We can create custom dual footprint components. We can also add board mounting/tooling/potting holes and fiducials that are not in the netlist. We have always been very flexible to serve the customers needs.

Library Development:

We have dedicated engineers and technicians who are creating schematic and Footprint library as and when the new component is available in the industry.

We can create schematic symbols for your organization on a regular basis. You provide a manufacturer and component part number the name of the CAD package and we take it from there.

We have created symbol for all the following CAD packages

Circuit Creator
Electronic Work Bench


Our standard delivered package will include all the files (and drawings) required to fabricate and assemble very high quality PC boards.

This include

PCB's Designed:

CAD Tools:


We support Clients, as if we are an In-house Team. They prefer to have a dependable source.

References shall be provided on request.

How we could Serve you better

Technical Conditions

Initial Inputs with complete Information of all parts is required.
Layout Guidelines and or Specifications to be part of inputs. ·
Adjustments could be made to make the flow of information ripple free. Preferences for information exchange for initial Inputs be provided to us. We always offer a first on line Service to our Clients. We accept work and new Clients only when we can offer a first on line status. Delivery Schedule depends upon the Inputs and the complexity of the desi

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