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PCB Manufacturing

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Pix Electronix provides high quality PCB design services to companies developing extremely complex electronic products that are heavily reliant on the PC board industry. Designed in a very competent manner that allows the design engineer to concentrate on the next step of their schedule with the assurance that every possible step has been taken to eliminate those aggravating PC board problems, such as: copper clearance issues, shorts, opens, wrong polarity, net disconnects, wrong footprints, wrong hole sizes, bad component placement, illogical critical net routing, and not giving the engineer exactly what he asked for. All issues that we abhor and are very careful to eliminate. If required, the next revision level changes are also completed with the same scrutiny, while maintaining and not changing anything on the board that already works fine and has no need for change.

We maintain a network of powerful PC CAD tools running current Circuit Creator, EZ-ROUTE, PADS Power PCB design and Blazer routing software, PADS Powerlogic, Orcad Capture, Protel, CADSTAR, Autocad, Adobe PDF Writer, 24/7 E-mail and Internet connection, FTP file transfer.

e-mail: pix@pixelectronix.com