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PCB Quote:
Job Priority
Expected design completion date
PCB Design Title
PC Board No. Revision
Contact Name
E-Mail address
The board component pin count total =

Please submit a Parts List. A sample Parts list is shown below:

Quantity  Designator    Component Type   Footprint used.

  3       U3, U7, U24        74ALS74            SO14

  3       C1, C34, C66       Cap.01uf          1206 etc.

Are there components with sockets?
Yes     No
Do you have PADS design tools in house?
Yes     No
If Yes, Will you supply us a PADS
design file to place/route?
Yes     No
Expected board total layer count.
Overall board size X= Y= or Diameter=
Components placed on:
Choose which side components are on.
Will test pads be designed in:
Is component pin swapping allowed:
Yes     No
Is component gate swapping allowed:
Yes     No
Expected routing method:
Expected minimum routing copper etch width
Expected minimum routing copper etch clearance
Minimum plated feed-thru "via" hole size: Diameter

Will a quote on fabricating high quality PCB's be needed?

Yes     No
(Standard material: .062 Thick epoxy based FR-4, 1 oz. copper all layers, LPI Solder mask, Silkscreen)
Minimum amount of bare board prototypes needed?
Have the fabricator test for shorts? (Recommended)
Yes     No
Is there Gold Plating on this board?
Yes     No
The date that you need the prototype bare boards in hand.
(Please answer this question regardless of who is fabricating the boards.)
Describe highest pin count components and smallest pin pitches used.

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